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School CPR Legislation – The Quest for Safe Schools

by Genevieve -

Half the states in the U.S. will require or encourage CPR training for students in the 2015-2016 school year. States have entered into this legislative wave from a variety of circumstances: to respond to tragedy, to prevent tragedy, and to teach students social responsibility. Oklahoma’s legislation began with a CPR Training Act named after Dustin Rhodes and Lindsay Steed, two …

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CPR Success: Teenage girl saves motorcyclist

by Elizabeth Shaw -

Help came just in time for a Minnesota motorcyclist. Liz Lindgren, a soft spoken but courageous student from Champlin Park High School, was driving with her family to her sister’s school. They were  going through a curve in the road when a motorcycle in front of them switched lanes, turned too quickly, and his muffler hit the ground. Liz said, “he …