CPR and First Aid training is required for initial certification of all Michigan teachers.

  • Legislation passed in June 2003, now Section 1531d of the Revised School Code (see below), requires candidates recommended for initial certification after July 1, 2004, complete coursework in First Aid and Adult & Pediatric CPR that includes a test demonstration on a mannequin.
  • Fully online courses are not acceptable; learning First Aid and Adult & Pediatric CPR requires demonstration and practice.
  • ProTrainings is on the currently approved providers list at: Approved Providers of Courses for First Aid and CPR.
  • Candidates must provide the actual card(s) indicating the completion of an approved course to the educator preparation institution. The institution will keep copies of the card(s) with the candidates’ academic records.

Approved Courses

ProFirstAid Blended
ProFirstAid Advanced Blended