In the state of Minnesota, CPR and First Aid is only required for physical education teachers. Based on feedback, researching special education teachers.

Physical Education Teachers

A teacher of physical education understands disciplinary knowledge of physical activities and well-being, including safety, CPR, first aid procedures, and prevention and care of injuries. Read more.

Special Education Teachers (Researching further. May have changed. We’ve reached out to the state of Minnesota where the director of teacher licensing is looking into this.)

Course: ProFirstAid

Teachers of Construction Careers

E. A teacher of construction careers must demonstrate knowledge and application of safety and environmental practices including:
(1) use of tools and equipment;
(2) personal safety concerns including body mechanics and ergonomics;
(3) first aid procedures and universal precautions;
(4) use of energy sources, such as natural gas and electricity;
(5) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, such as proper material disposal, indoor air quality, and lead and asbestos abatement;
(6) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations;
(7) material safety data sheets (MSDS) adhering to hazardous labeling requirements; and
(8) safety signs, symbols, and labels. Read more.

Courses: Hazard Communications, Ergonomics, First Aid