Teen in Missouri saves Baby with CPR in Walmart

by Paul -

Abby SnodgrassAnother teenage hero has saved a life thanks to the CPR she learned in high school. Hillsboro High School student Abby Snodgrass was in a Walmart dressing room when she heard a distressed mother call for help.

Abby ran from the dressing room and found a crowd gathered around a mother with an 11-month-oldĀ infant girl. The child’s mother was panicked and no one was doing anything to help save the child’s life.

Because of Abby’s CPR class a few months earlier, she knew what to do. She performed chest compressions, and the child began breathing again.

Jesse Barton, the Valle Ambulance District Chief, told KSDK that CPR training began for Hillsboro school district’s high school students in the fall of 2013 – and that ‘By the end of this year we will have taught it to around 600 kids.’

If you would like to bring CPR training to your high school, register today!

Missouri hasn’t yet made CPR mandatory for high school graduation, but given the current trend, it’s only a matter of time.

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