CPR Training is Coming to Your State

by Andrew Fleszar -


CPR Training is coming to your school and it is something we are passionate about here. Our motto at StudentCPR and ProTrainings is “Because Life Matters.” we truly believe in this ideal, and hope to spread that message with everything we do. That is why we provide this training to students for free. We believe you can’t put a price on the invaluable ability to preserve life when a situation demands it and that every student has the ability to rise to that challenge.

Every year more and more states are being added to the already robust ranks of states that require CPR training for high school students. We, as a society, already understand the benefits of this life-saving training and law-makers are finally stepping up the challenge of giving this experience to everyone.

“Each year, more than 250,000 Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest. According to medical experts, the key to survival is timely initiation of a “chain of survival”, including CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Because of recent technological advances a portable lifesaving device, called an “automated external defibrillator” or “AED” has recently become an important medical tool. Trained non-medical personnel can use these simplified electronic machines to treat a person in cardiac arrest.“

But what does this regulation mean for junior high and high schools across the nation?
It means that regulation is coming. We cannot stop the increasing number of states joining the cause, nor should we want to. Instead, we should embrace this ideal that there should be someone trained in CPR/AED wherever we are. Here are some states currently going through the process of implementing these regulations:

Michigan : CPR in Schools legislation moves through Senate
Ohio : Legislation would mandate CPR lessons

We truly believe in empowering young people to save lives. If your school doesn’t have CPR/AED training, please contact us! If you already have training, leave a comment below (or Facebook / Twitter) and tell us what you think!
Do you like the material?
Do you remember all the training?
Do you agree the training should be a requirement for graduation?

Is CPR/AED training required in my state?

Where can I sign up?
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  1. Paul Clukey

    Great article I love the fact that you guys are passionate and committed to investing into the future generations by offering courses to various schools nationally. I love the fact that you guys mentioned you can’t put a price on preserving life. If nothing else captures the attention of the audience the statistic of 250,000 yearly victims of cardiac arrest should and gives the push for more and more education as it pertains to CPR.

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