Experience your own Heart Attack

by Paul -

Heart Attack VideoThis video was part of a campaign in the U.K. to get more people to learn CPR.  I watched it a while back and thought it was a powerful look at what it would be like to have a heart attack.  The video is from the point of view of the person experiencing it, with a guy explaining just what is happening.

I hope that you find it as powerful as I do, and that it illustrates the importance of learning CPR.

Watch your own heart attack from Nomad Inc. on Vimeo.


  1. NPs Save Lives

    Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they are having a heart attack. If the symptoms happen randomly at first and they don’t put two and two together until they hit the floor. Women tend to be told that they are having an anxiety attack and that they should just take some acid indigestion pills and go home to rest. Sad when they get the “final nap” instead.

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