Free Student CPR: What’s the catch?

by Genevieve -

CPR certification cards can cost schools anywhere from $2-$50/student. Some schools offer certification cards but require students to foot the bill, creating a financial gap of unequal opportunity.

Student CPR is able to provide schools with the following, all at no cost:

  1. Teacher training to become Skill Evaluators
  2. Online student curriculum
  3. Online dashboard (student management and grading)
  4. 2 year certification cards

The question we often get from school administrators is, “So..  What’s the catch?”

Are we waiting until you trust us to unleash something villainous?

They Suspect Nothing

Image: Giant gag

Allow me to answer this valid question by introducing the reason we are able to provide free certification cards to students nationwide:

ProTrainings is the “big brother” company that provides all the funding, curriculum development, and support that makes free student training a reality. In 2014, we were able to train 12,000 students in CPR, and our numbers are increasing every week as more and more schools register!

ProTrainings is dedicated to being “an open source for life-saving education in the world.” In fact, a little known fact about the company is that all of the CPR courses are freely accessible at no cost. Payment is only required at the end of a course for those needing to purchase a certificate. None of the training is hidden behind a firewall: this allows every person with internet connection the financial freedom to learn how to save a life.

See for yourself – register to take a course here *Hint, you can get all your teachers certified using the course ProFirstAid!

Student CPR is funded by work-place professionals across the world who choose to train and purchase certification through ProTrainings. Many occupations, such as health care professionals, teachers, day-care workers, coaches, and general labor professionals, are required to be certified in CPR for work. Because of this profit, ProTrainings is able to keep community outreach programs like Student CPR running!

So you see, we’re really not trying to “kaa-n” you with this students train free deal.

Rather, we hope you will take advantage of this program, and help us spread the word so more schools have access to excellent CPR training options for their students.

City High 2012

Instructor Roy Shaw with students at City High School

Visit to learn more.

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