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CPR and AED Training is Mandatory in Michigan before Graduating High School

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We’re very excited to announce that the law has been signed to mandate CPR and defibrillator (AED) training before graduating from high school in Michigan. The measure requires schools to provide instruction at least one time between grades seven and twelve. Schools can incorporate the training into their health classes to meet the requirement. Our course meets and exceeds this …

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Michigan Teen saved by Teachers and AED

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Peter Lombardo, 17, had just got out of gym class, went to the locker room and collapsed. His heart was pumping really fast, but he thought it was normal because he had just been running sprints. He had no pulse, no heartbeat, and was turning blue. Teacher Phil Miedema and athletic trainer Brett Knoop jumped into action. Knoop administered CPR …

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CPR Graduation Requirements Passing Through Legislature for Michigan and California

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Currently, 36 states require CPR/AED training to receive a high school diploma. In addition to these states, two more are passing through lawmakers courts in both Michigan and California. Our mission at StudentCPR is to ensure that every high school student has the opportunity to learn a training that could save the life of a loved one. As a response …

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6 Celebrities that Became Lifesavers to Ordinary People

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By Andrea Konsoer Have you ever dreamed of being ‘saved’ by your favorite celebrity? Come on, admit it, maybe at least once?  Well, ladies and gentlemen…your dreams have become reality! A-listers and reality TV stars are saving people across the globe. Thank goodness these celebs were in the right place at the right time and most importantly, brave enough to jump …

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Schools in Missouri Prepare for CPR Training Requirement to Graduate

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In the 2017-2018 school year, High school students in Missouri will be required to have CPR training as a graduation requirement. Some schools are already including this, and other, training within their curriculum; Columbia Public Schools being one of these schools. The Law was signed by Governor Nixon in June of 2016 and will require 30 minute training in both …

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Online Learning for the Modern Classroom

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According to the 80’s instant cult classic Back to the Future , we’ve officially arrived in the future. Our cars are starting to drive themselves and we now take technology with us everywhere we go. These advancements have enhanced our lives and changed the way we live entirely. Unfortunately, these technological breakthroughs rarely reach the classroom. In 2015 Education Week …

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CPR Training is Coming to Your State

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CPR Training is coming to your school and it is something we are passionate about here. Our motto at StudentCPR and ProTrainings is “Because Life Matters.” we truly believe in this ideal, and hope to spread that message with everything we do. That is why we provide this training to students for free. We believe you can’t put a price …

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2015 CPR Update to Schools

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Every five years, scientists gather to present the latest research regarding resuscitation and emergency care. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) undertakes the enormous task of evaluating the research and summarizing the science behind resuscitation. Once the evidence is presented, 250 scientists from 39 countries review it, and the American Heart Association publishes the findings.   So, what’s changed …

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Nepal: How to Help

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Help with what you have, where you are. By now nearly everyone has heard how cities and villages in Nepal have been leveled by the massive earthquake on Saturday. BBC is reporting the death count to be over 4,000, and many in the U.S. are following headlines closely, praying that the numbers will cease to rise. Relief foundations have moved …