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CPR Graduation Requirements Passing Through Legislature for Michigan and California

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Currently, 36 states require CPR/AED training to receive a high school diploma. In addition to these states, two more are passing through lawmakers courts in both Michigan and California. Our mission at StudentCPR is to ensure that every high school student has the opportunity to learn a training that could save the life of a loved one. As a response …

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6 Celebrities that Became Lifesavers to Ordinary People

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By Andrea Konsoer Have you ever dreamed of being ‘saved’ by your favorite celebrity? Come on, admit it, maybe at least once?  Well, ladies and gentlemen…your dreams have become reality! A-listers and reality TV stars are saving people across the globe. Thank goodness these celebs were in the right place at the right time and most importantly, brave enough to jump …

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2015 CPR Update to Schools

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Every five years, scientists gather to present the latest research regarding resuscitation and emergency care. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) undertakes the enormous task of evaluating the research and summarizing the science behind resuscitation. Once the evidence is presented, 250 scientists from 39 countries review it, and the American Heart Association publishes the findings.   So, what’s changed …

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Brothers invent outstanding CPR device

In CPR News, School Stories by Elizabeth Shaw3 Comments

You can tell that John and Christopher Di Capua are bright young men with  the ambition to help people and make CPR more efficient and effective. What started as a high school research project has now turned into a product with a purpose to save lives. CPR is a lifesaving skill, but oftentimes, people get tired, or there is only …

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Teen girls rescue drowning paddle boarder

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Three teenage girls noticed a paddle board floating on lake, and floating next to it, a man face down in the water. Jessie Page, Zoe Farrell, and Alexis Koester  jumped into the water and swam over to the man, unaware of whether he was alive. They thought he might have been floating for fun, but when they saw him face-down, …

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Plant High School Staff saves Student after Collapse on Race Track

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During a physical education test, a 16-year-old student dropped on the race track of Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. The first witness to the accident was Carrie Mahon, a coach of 12 years at the high school, notes that this is a first for her; she’s never seen a student fall over unresponsive before.  “We got on the radio …

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CPR Success: Teenage girl saves motorcyclist

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Help came just in time for a Minnesota motorcyclist. Liz Lindgren, a soft spoken but courageous student from Champlin Park High School, was driving with her family to her sister’s school. They were  going through a curve in the road when a motorcycle in front of them switched lanes, turned too quickly, and his muffler hit the ground. Liz said, “he …

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CPR taught in the Classroom can help Triple Cardiac-Arrest Survival Rate

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Denmark has made CPR one of their top priorities, and today people there are three times more likely to survive a cardiac arrest than a decade ago.  Let’s take a look at some numbers for comparison: In 2001: Bystander CPR on Cardiac Arrest Victims: 22% Cardiac Arrest Victims who arrive at a Hospital Alive: 8% Patients alive after 30 days: …