What The World is Waiting For

by Katrina -

Has anyone ever told you that you weren’t good enough? Has anyone ever said “You can’t do that”…”Don’t do that, you’ll look stupid?”

Christopher Maloney grew up hearing this from people his whole life. But one day, he finally worked up the courage to give it a try…and that one day changed his life forever.

Here’s his story:

Don’t ever let ANYONE hold you back from doing what makes your heart sing.

He grew up his whole life never realizing the gift that was inside of him because he only listened to what others said about him.

But that day he sang changed his life forever, not because of the media coverage or the exposure that he got, but because he realized for HIMSELF how amazing he was and what he had inside of him all along.

And the same goes for you:  I hope today that YOU realize how amazing you are and all the wonderful things you have to offer. And if no one else has told you that today, let ME the the first to say it.

You are EXACTLY what this world is waiting for. EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for.  What is inside of you is JUST what we need. PLEASE share it. 🙂

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