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When CPR Fails

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Picture this: an average person (not a medical professional) is shopping for groceries. Ahead of them, a man in his late forties collapses and falls unconscious. The person sees this and, acting quickly, runs to the man and asks if he is okay. Seeing he is unconscious, the person calls 911 and begins performing CPR on the man. EMS personnel …

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CPR: Hollywood’s Miracle Cure (5 characters that never should have made it)

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Undeniably, CPR is a valuable skill for people of any occupation. More people should know it, and more people should use it more often. It saves lives… But not on its own. The truth is that CPR is meant to extend the opportunity for professional medical services to arrive and take over; CPR on its own has an abysmally low …

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4 Tools to Make CPR Student-Centric

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“Courage is a special kind of knowledge; the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared.”  – David Ben-Gurion  Ben-Gurion’s statement powerfully articulates the importance of understanding the 5 fears that stop people from providing bystander CPR in an emergency situation. Fighting these fears is essential for …

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Building Confidence and Eliminating Fears

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So often in life we only award efforts that bring about success. Fear of failure permeates the culture we live in, and most people only stick out their necks if they are guaranteed the outcome is bright and full of gold stars, easy accomplishments, and success. This has created a world full of people scared to try anything that might …

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A Letter about CPR Certification before Graduation from Dr. Anne B. Curtis

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I saw this letter yesterday on Buffalo News, and reached out to Dr. Anne B. Curtis to ask for permission to re-print it here as well.  I feel it helps to concisely underscore the need for all high school students to learn CPR.  Here’s the letter: Teach every student how to perform CPR The Sept. 12 reports of the 10-year-old …