CPR is not just becoming mandatory for students, but for teachers as well.  Most states where it is required, they are doing it as part of teacher certification or re-certification.

There are bills in many states that are in various stages of implementation.

Known states where it is currently mandatory:

  1. Indiana (HB 1019.2 – DOE lists ProTrainings)
  2. Virginia  (HB 2028, SB 986 – Approved March 18, 2013)

Known states where bills have been introduced (as of September 18, 2013):

  1. Hawaii (HB 76, SB 643 – Introduced in 2013 session, carried over to 2014 session)
  2. Massachusetts (H 484)
  3. New York (A 5510)
  4. Oregon (HB3135, SB852, HB2809)

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